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Aural piano tuning is an art form that takes years to master. As with any skill, 5 years is probably a reasonable time-frame for a technician to begin to understand the nuances of the art. After tuning about 2,500 pianos, his skills should be developed enough to pass his exams and keep the most discriminating clients happy. There are also fine technicians who use tuning machines and do great work. Concert work, on the other hand, is best performed by a technician who tunes aurally. Great aural tuning skills, usually lead to great voicing skills.

Piano technology is a never ending study and includes many avenues to pursue:

Piano Tuning

Piano Action Regulating

Voicing Piano Hammers

Minor Rebuilding: Stringing & Action Replacement

Major Rebuilding: Installing New soundboards & Pinblocks

Cabinet Repair & Refinishing

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