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Tone Production Starts With A Great Hammer

Finding piano hammers to match vintage instruments can be difficult when the piano hammer industry in general is producing hard pressed hammers. The tone from most of these hammers is bright to brighter and the tonal range is very narrow. This is not to say that the piano hammers being manufactured can not be worked to a more pleasing tone. It's just that the piano hammers should be made to match the piano and soundboard system to produce the best tone.

Weickert Special Felt is Now Available from Ronsen

This famous felt was used in early Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, and other fine pianos from the US. Responsible for the famous American tonal envelope of smooth and warm, which has almost disappeared from the piano landscape, Weickert felt is being reintroduced to the world. The Ronsen Piano Hammer Company is pleased to offer Weickert Special felt from Wurzen of Germany.


The Ronsen Piano Hammer Difference

The Ronsen Piano Hammer Company in Boiceville, New York has always offered hammers that are flexible enough to achieve great tone when rebuilding pianos.
Now, Ray Negron, owner & president of the company, has 4 styles of felt for making great piano hammers: reintroduced Weickert felt & Wurzen felt from Germany, VFG from Germany, and Bacon felt made in the US. With these new products, the Ronsen Piano Hammer Company is the only manufacturer that offers the rebuilder of vintage instruments a wide array of tonal color and flexibility when restoring pianos. With four hammer felt densities and three molding styles, the piano rebuilder can now eliminate hammer weight issues and have a felt that produces the tonal color necessary for vintage instruments.

St. Piano Rebuilders clearly endorses Ronsen Piano Hammers and recommends them to technicians and rebuilders across the globe. This is a product that lives up to its reputation of great tone.

Ronsen Piano Hammer Company, Inc.

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President, Ray Negron



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