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Steinway Grand Pianos Now Available 2019-2020. Models M, O, and B are ready for rebuilding. Lock in a price by making a deposit. Choose the finish you would like and the tone you are after. Never has there been a better time to own a Steinway Piano.  


1928 Mason & Hamlin Model A6 Grand Piano 5'8"

Sold to the Hall Family


New soundboard, recapped bridges, pinblock, Mapes piano wire,
refinished in satin lacquer, new Renner damper back action,
 new Renner piano action with Ronsen Wurzen hammers AA felt, cold pressed,
new damper felt, Downweight 50 grams, Upweight 22+ grams

This Vintage instrument is top quality and the cabinet has the famous 1920s styling.
The pianos from this era were some of best made as most of the craftsman were European immigrants with impeccable woodworking skills who cared about quality.

This vintage instrument not only would satisfy the most discriminating artist,
its look and vintage history would be an asset to anyone's antique collection.

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